• April 1, 2024

    Speaking Truth To Become A Hate Crime in Colorado

    April 1, 2024
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    Image by A1Cafel. Stop Attempted Hate Crimes of Taking Away Free Speech in Colorado Starting With The Supermajority Democrats!

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    Throughout this legislative session, the misgendering of people – who believe despite their biological reality that they are something they are not – has been in the forefront of many bills and debates on the floor. The latest installment is a bill (SB24-189) to add “gender expression” and “gender identity” to the hate crime list. The bill began its way through the legislature today in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Recently, Representative DeGraaf referred to the Colorado transgender legislator as “Mr. Chair” during a debate on the House floor and was quickly corrected and instructed to refer to him as “Madam Chair”. It is this kind of speech that is considered harassment and is frequently referred to as an “act of violence” by the left. In the Senate, citizens who use a person’s birthname have been shutdown and removed from committee rooms. They call it “deadnaming”. For them it is disrespectful to call someone a name they have essentially killed by renaming themselves.

    For those living in reality, addressing someone by a name that is clearly contrary to their biological sex is to speak an untruth and violates their conscience. This religion of transgenderism will not accept anything but compliance with their delusion and adherence to the tenets of their cult.

    In the face of all these bills in the Colorado legislature to affirm a delusion, Biden issues an Executive Order to proclaim a holy day for many Christians (Easter) as a day for transgender visibility – intentionally pitting the two religions against one another and making it clear that those opposing this gender lunacy will be considered a threat to democracy.

    Bills coming out of the Colorado Legislature linked to affirming gender dysphoria in law:

    SB24-001 Continue Youth Mental Health Services Program. This bill will extend indefinitely a program to provide six free mental health visits for children with the state’s therapists who are especially trained to affirm any gender dysphoria or confusion. No notification or consent is needed from parents because of laws passed in 2019. Status: Being heard on Tuesday in the House Health & Human Services Committee.

    SB24-189 Gender-Related Bias-Motivated Crimes. This bill makes it a “hate” crime to misgender or deadname a gender-confused person. Status: Being heard in the House Judiciary Committee today.

    HB24-1017 Bill of Rights for Foster Youth. This bill raises the rights of youth above the adults taking care of them. Foster parents should know that according to some in the legislature, they are only being asked to provide housing not a stable family environment. Status: Next step is for the Senate to debate it on the floor.

    HB24-1039 Non-Legal Name Change. Forces teachers, administrators, and students in the K-12 setting to use a child’s “chosen name” or face discrimination charges (see SB24-189). One citizen testifies in the Senate Education Committee pointing out the absurdity of this bill (listen all the way through). Status: Only one step left before hitting the governor’s desk. It will be voted on in the Senate this week.

    HB24-1040 Gender-Affirming Healthcare Provider Study. They want to commission a study to find out how many physicians Colorado has that offer gender-affirming care and find ways to make sure there are more. Last year, Colorado became a gender-affirming care sanctuary state. This study will lead to the building of the infrastructure to provide those services for any youth coming to Colorado without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Status: Being heard on Tuesday in the House Health & Human Services Committee.

    HB24-1071 Name Change to Conform with Gender Identity. This bill will make it easier for people convicted of felonies, including sexual crimes against children, to change their name and gender legally. Watch Representative Bottom’s statement made during the debate on the House floor of naming the law after a man convicted of sexual crimes who changed his name to “Tiara”. Status: Next step is for the Senate to debate it on the floor.

    HB24-1170 Rights for Youth Division of Youth Services Facilities. This bill in practice will allow boys identifying as girls to live and bathe in areas for girls. Representative Bradley points out the problem with that policy on the House floor. Status: Only one step left before hitting the governor’s desk. It will be voted on in the Senate this week.

    The majority in the Colorado General Assembly continues to shutdown free speech. Any opposition to their warped worldview will be gaveled down and citizens removed from committee rooms. They even tried removing a conservative journalist (watch here).

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