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    Supreme Court Issued Six Opinions Last Week

    June 17, 2024
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    As the nation awaits decisions from the high court on presidential immunity and the legality of January 6 prosecutions, they are pumping out decisions in lesser known cases. 

    • On Thursday, the court issued three opinions. In FDA v. Alliance, the court issued a 9-0 opinion holding that pro life NGOs do not have standing to sue the FDA. Read the opinion here
    • Vidal v. Elster, a case about trademarks and First Amendment violations went the way of the Trademark Office, with the court finding that the patent seekers constitutional protections were not violated. Read the opinion here
    • The court upheld a four part test for determining unfair labor practices in Starbucks v. McKinney. Jackson dissented in part, but joined the judgment. Read the opinion here.
    • On Friday, the court held that a bump stock is not a machine gun in Garland v. Cargill, dealing a blow to both the ATF and the gun grabbers. Read the opinion here
    • There was US Trustee v. John Q. Hammons, a more complicated opinion about equal treatment in bankruptcy, with the court holding that, “Prospective parity is the appropriate remedy for the short-lived” and that the “small disparity created by the fee statute” is held unconstitutional. Read the opinion here.
    • Campos-Chaves V. Garland found that illegal aliens suing because they missed their hearings were provided proper notice and could not seek rescission. Jackson, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Gorsuch dissented. Read the opinion here.

    The Court will release an order list this morning. We’re still waiting for the big opinions, expected any day.

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