September 29, 2023

Thanks To US Policy, CCP Controls Key Resources For US Weapons

September 29, 2023
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With Permission from Alex Newman at LibertySentinel.Org

The anti-American Chinese Communist Party has a monopoly on rare-earth minerals that are critical to everything from weapons systems to economic production, all thanks to absurd U.S. government policies, warns ThREE Consulting President James Kennedy in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman. Kennedy, an internationally recognized expert on the threat, warned that this is a national security crisis. Fortunately, it would be an easy fix—if U.S. policymakers were interested in fixing the problem. Kennedy explains how that can be done. 

Article and video published with permission from Alex Newman at

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Politely, although long form video may be easy for the informational purveyors, such videos are simply too long for many of us to sit through. Admin to please consider typing out a summary while watching these videos, for the more expedient readers. I could consume all the data in a ten page hard to read document in a tenth the time it would take me to watch this video. I used the mini window scroll tool to check this entire video quick visuals, and they did not even put up a single infographic or helpful reading material either. They should really consider a more professional newscast type approach if they seek more viewers. The bottom banner for the one guy was nice, but did not need to be there the whole time, as subscribers and fans would be better served with a rolling ticker or a side split screen view where we could review the same material they are talking about. Even if we were to watch for a half hour, we'd still benefit from reading material while we listened. Thank you.

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