• September 14, 2023

    The Truth Of The Men At Colorado's Douglas County PrideFest

    September 14, 2023
    Standing Up to Protect the Children vs the Parasol Patrol.

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    The mainstream media reports coming out of Conservative Colorado's Douglas County regarding the PrideFest that took place at the end of August at the fairgrounds attempt to denigrate the Christian men who went to the event to protect children without regard for the truth. They have been labeled by the left with the usual epithets given to anyone who stands up against those who seek to stop the moral decline of our culture. The ‘men in white shirts’, as some have taken to calling them, answered the call to bring a message of love and peace, and to bring attention to the harmful nature of sexually provocative shows before children. Admittedly, that message got lost in the hostile environment they encountered.

    Parasol Patrol Blocking Men

    Media reports neglect to mention that the men were provoked by one of the organizers when he announced from the stage, “We have people here wearing secret T-shirts under their jackets and stuff that are going to surprise you with a secret message that says ‘Protect the Children’,” and proceeded to encourage them to reveal their shirts. The organizer provoked the men to stand up and show themselves. Even as the men were cussed at and called despicable names, they remained stalwart and resolute, standing silently at attention and not engaging with the accusations thrown at them at some points literally within inches of their faces. These men displayed discipline and courage under pressure.

    Contrast that with the men who call themselves the Patriot Front who were yelling disparaging names from up on the hill across the parking lot, but never should the two be conflated to be of the same spirit. The men inside the event were motivated by the truth that awakening sexual desires in young children harm them and will bring long term harm to our society. Their approach to bringing this truth to the forefront was compassion and love, not name calling.

    History of Bad Behavior

    The PrideFest event in Castle Rock has a history of bad behavior that crosses the line of being a “family friendly” event.


    This year was the third year this event was held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. In 2019, attendees at the event saw men dressed up in Disney princess costumes reading stories to children while making sure that every single child was touched on their legs, arms, and shoulders by these men. This is definitely a grooming behavior. Once the Douglas County Commissioners found out about it, they were told not to do it at their next event. Yet, it happened again at this year’s event to a child with Down’s Syndrome.

    Anastasia Touching Child during performance


    At the “family friendly” drag queen show in 2019, men dressed in provocative sexual attire were stripping off parts of their costumes before very young children and accepting tips from them as if they were at a strip club. This behavior too was asked to be tamed down by the commissioners. They suggested having a tip jar instead. In 2022, they had a tip jar but again children were giving tips for sexual provocative dances some in the tip jar and some in other ways. These actions normalize and conceptually promote the connection between sexual performances and money.


    Words are very powerful, especially when coupled with music. The songs the men were provocatively dancing to contained derogatory words for women like ‘cunt’ and Sadism and Masochism (S&M) remarks including ‘whips and chains excite me’. Family friendly these lyrics are not.


    At the event in 2022, twice (not just once) dancers exposed their women breasts to the children in the audience. These were not ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ as the organizers claim. At one point in the show, a man with a mustache and beard wearing a pinkish wig and a scant outfit exposed his silicone breasts while he lip-synced along with a song. There was no malfunction. It was done on purpose. At another point in the show, a man dressed with very little attire was swinging on a circle in mid-air and his top gave way to expose them. He was not performing an acrobatic feat, he was sitting on the circle, occasionally leaning back and raising up his legs. The breasts stayed exposed throughout the song even as he got off the swing and giggled them around while walking on the stage.

    Exposure 1
    Exposure 2
    Drag Queen from FB Post

    Engagement & Participation

    One of the activities on the outside stage in 2022 included a contest where girls as young as eight years old were asked to dress up in wigs and dance around like the men did. The encouragement was to be as sexy as you could. Though the youngest did very little in the way of dance, she was the winner - encouraging the acceptance of participating in these behaviors with the release of endorphins.

    Girl Performing

    Intimidation & Assault

    The parasol patrol wielded their rainbow-colored umbrellas erecting a makeshift fence in front of several people trying to observe the event. As the people moved throughout the event, the patrol followed closely behind trying to intimidate them. Joining them was the co-organizer, Art Kerkezian. When he was within earshot, they stopped to ask him to stop following them. As one of them began recording the incidence, Art Kerkezian grabbed her phone and assaulted her. This year’s event was not exempt from the animosity and resulted in several people being accosted. Police reports are being filed.

    It was these past behaviors and the compassion for all children that motivated the men to stand on that hot day in August.

    Continued Infractions

    Patterns of Harassment & Intimidation

    The parasol patrol and event security continued their intimidation tactics. Following those they believed didn’t fit in. Blocking people from talking to vendors. Making wild statements about people ‘having hate in their heart’. Ordering people to not speak to certain people because of their ‘hate’. They exhibited none of the love they advertised nor were they welcoming of all people.

    Relabeling Restrooms

    One woman entered the women’s restroom at this year’s event and noticed immediately that the feet under the stall next to her were facing towards the wall. Confusion set in - was this a transperson or a man? It turned out to be a man proudly wearing a Castle Rock Pride T-shirt. Upon leaving the restroom, the women realized with horror it was labeled “All Gender (without urinal)”. Not to worry, the organizers informed a county commissioner that they were monitoring the restrooms to make sure no unaccompanied child entered. That news didn’t quell the woman’s concerns.

    Public Access in Public Places

    All events at the Douglas County Fairgrounds are open to the public. As such, the organizers of an event cannot constitutionally restrict access to public buildings on the property. Kirk Hall was closed off during the event unless an adult was with a child. The Douglas County Sheriff was warned that this action violated the Constitution and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, yet, they did nothing. It took a county commissioner and a lawyer to enable the public free access to the building. Since the event, there have been assertions made that a child was afraid when they let those the event security misidentified as ‘protestors’ into the building. A situation created by organizers themselves.

    All Gender Sign Covering Women

    What’s In a Name?

    In this year’s program for the event, the organizers wanted everyone to know that the drag show was MCed by a man called ‘Shirley Delta Blow’. Not sure in whose family that’s friendly.

    The Bottom Line

    Since the event, the news media continues to get it wrong. The organizers continue to accuse the men of harming children, when in fact, it was the queer community’s yelling and cussing at the men which caused fear in the children. In public meetings, organizers continue to label the men as haters and call for hate crime laws to be enacted despite them saying nothing and doing nothing but standing.

    If you were to dig into the history of drag as explored in this article, you would find they admit the purpose of these “family friendly” events “is to subvert the system of heteronormativity, which includes childhood innocence, and reengineer childhood sexuality from the ground up.” The elements of drag are not just innocent dress up games. Drag queen story hours and drag shows come with an agenda, whether the organizers would admit to it or not. The ultimate goal of drag is “to obliterate stable conceptions of gender through performativity.” They are trying to create family in their own image and destroy the notion of the traditional nuclear family along with any societal gender norms.

    These shows are not innocent entertainment. The taking of tips for sexual performances (like strip clubs?), the touching of children, and the use of provocative music are all a part of sexualizing children and normalizing the perverse. Techniques used by sexual predators of children.

    The bottom line is that the truth of what happened at the Castle Rock, Colorado PrideFest has been twisted by the organizers, common sense has been thrown out the window, and most of our elected officials have bowed to the fear of being labeled intolerant. Do not be fooled! Standing up for the innocence of children may come at a cost, but how much higher the cost will be if we lose our children to this madness.

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    Jay C

    If you criticize the PF , you deserve to be criticized yourself. At this point it has been proven that the left will demand we "distance" ourselves from anyone they dislike, while they will never distance themselves from evil and hate. Never apologize to them. The actions of PF have been vindicated by the treatment of the men and women who went in and were vilified for standing firm.

    Dick Tinee

    Just Focus on your own Family. Attendees at the PrideFest do not need the Abel Shepherd 'men' to co-parent with them.

    Jim Zietlow

    We need more men in our society to stand up for their beliefs. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


    And that's why I continue to funnel hundreds of dollars to....


    Be there, or be square.

    As far as being called names. Anger is a gift and it's o.k. to hate some people. Especially people whom are so sick and disgusting, confused and targeting children and such. Betcha a pepsi there will never be a drag queen story time at the retirement home, and I think we all understand why.

    Another interesting group you may consider supporting; Gays Against Groomers. Even a substantial portion of the gay community wants a divorce from the TQ+ crowd. They want it to go back to just LGB.

    To put it bluntly; We're never going to bake that particular cake. Never.

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