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    There Is No Such Thing As 'Palestinians'

    October 17, 2023
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    There Is No Such Thing As 'Palestinians'
    AP Photo/Fatima Shbair

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    (This column is Part 1 of a series of articles explaining the fallacies that have led to the world’s leftists supporting Palestine, Gaza, and Hamas’ horrors.)

    The patterns of the anti-Semitic/Marxist/”Palestinian”/LGBTQ/BLM/hate-filled alliance are nothing if not predictable. After expressing shock and dismay that their Palestinian friends in Gaza specifically targeted civilians, in under a week, they have quickly shifted back to their repeated old rhetoric. They are now blaming Israel for the horrific attacks from Hamas, calling Israel’s counter-attacks on Hamas a “terrorist siege,” blitzing the media with images of wounded from Gaza, and attacking Israel in all ways as an ‘apartheid state’ and, as Ocasio Cortez defined Israel, a nation devoted to “ethnic cleansing”.

    We cannot let them try to control the narrative with their blatant lies.

    The best way to dismiss falsities is to educate. And so the purpose of this piece is to do just that: to give accurate information that is in direct contradiction to the lies of the Marxist alliance that seeks to destroy Israel, the United States, and Western Culture. The spiritual implications and religious components will be left for another article. This is about what we in Judaism call tachlis: simple, practical understandings that are useable in any dialogue.

    Let us start with a brief history lesson. Despite what the media has been preaching for almost 60 years, there is no historical Palestinian state or people. Over 4,000 years ago, there were small tribes living in Canaan, such as Moabites, Amalekites, etc. There was no Palestine of people or land. Then around 3,200 years ago, the 12 tribes of Israel, united under King Saul into the first kingdom in the region, a Jewish theocracy called “Israel.” That split into the kingdoms of Judah and Israel (both Jewish), which were conquered by the Babylonian empire a little over 2,500 years ago. This became the Persian Empire, which was defeated by Alexander the Great, and Israel was controlled by the Greeks.

    To read more visit PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/columns/rabbi-michael-barclay/2023/10/14/there-is-no-such-thing-as-palestinians-n1735136

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