• September 8, 2023

    Trump Is Unelectable, That’s Why We Can’t Let Him on the Colorado Ballot (Political Humor/Satire)

    September 8, 2023
    Image by Kingofthedead. "They" say, Trump is Unelectable!

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    Political Humor/Satire: Some citizens questioned a recent Colorado lawsuit disallowing Trump from being on the ballot in Colorado, because it seemed to be supported by people who have been saying Trump is unelectable.

    “Well which way is it? Is he unelectable or isn’t he?” Roger Fitzweilschlumpfblitzenner asked. “And anyway aren’t you afraid people would write him in and then all the ballots would have to be hand-counted instead of using the Secretary of State’s spiffy wonderful gold-plated I mean gold-standard election machines?”

    “But Trump IS completely unelectable,” a spokes[insert pronoun] for the lawsuit said. “Never doubt that. Nobody likes him. He is mean. And he’s old. And he did good stuff but he’s not a uniter. And DeSantis is about to make a comeback.”

    In other news, Biden made no sense and gravely insulted a Medal of Honor recipient and his book tour got canceled for lack of interest, but he is a threat to Republicans for some reason, maybe because if it wasn’t Biden it would be Kamala? (RFK Jr. isn’t a threat to Republicans because he doesn’t exist. If he existed, of course the Secret Service would be defending him, because the federal government would never let a Kennedy go undefended.)

    Biden is so threatening, in fact, that millions of polls show that the only way Republicans can win against him is to run somebody who is not Trump, even though nobody can even remember most of the names of the other candidates. Meanwhile, the lawsuit continues, just in case somebody made up the millions of polls.

    Political Humor/Satire by Cincinnatia, Colorado Free Press Contributor.

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    Vickie Tonkins

    If that is true then let the people decide. You sound foolish!

    Jim Zietlow

    Vickie, read the article. This is a political humor piece! Look at who we are making fun of and enjoy a laugh.


    Orange man bad. He lives rent free in their minds...

    TDR, find a cure.

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