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    US Border WIDE Open: Arizona’s Illegal Invader Crisis Is Felt Nationally

    November 30, 2023
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    Like ants overtaking your kitchen counter tops to get to your sugar jar, the southern border of the USA being flooded by illegals eager for the free ride on housing, food, medical care, phones, and monthly income paid for by hard-working American citizens trying to put gas in their cars and food on their own family table.

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seems to have become the Department of Homeland Resettlement since they are the agency directing Border Patrol to “let them in” without any checking of documents or screening for illness.  DHS is processing thousands of illegals every day across the southern border—especially Arizona and Texas.  Then DHS arranges housing in local airport hotels (San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Tucson, Phoenix), provides meals and plane tickets anywhere in the US.  Confidential informants in Tucson have named four hotels being paid by the US government to break the immigration laws and house illegals, including Red Roof Inn, Comfort Suites (airport), and the Drexel. Over 26,000 illegals were “guests” of these hotels in just one week, October 26 – November 1, 2023.  ONE WEEK.  Think about the costs of that burden over 52 weeks in a year.

    Investigative reporters have filmed the Tucson International Airport waiting areas at every concourse filled with illegal aliens waiting fights on into the heartland of America.  American citizens are required to have government issued valid IDs, and are groped and searched. Illegal aliens are waved through.

    The heavy burden on social services, emergency rooms, and rising crime in cities across America with this invasion of illegal aliens is causing more and more Americans to wake up to the threats to our own national security and economic stability.

    Will our medical system collapse under the massive influx of diseases coming across our border, straining ERs and hospitals to the breaking point, costing lives of Americans who paid for them?  Will social services budgets in cities across America be bankrupted in the massive Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse our social and economic system to usher in the Marxist takeover that is the end game goal? Will the 2024 election also be flooded with illegal voters, as the Biden administration pushes hard to provide drivers licenses that can be used to sign up to vote?

    Where is the outrage at what is deliberately being orchestrated to destroy our country?  Where are the law enforcement agents? Where is Congress? Will we have a sovereign nation a year from now? If America is to survive, decisive action needs to be taken to save our Constitutional Republic.

    Thirteen courageous sheriffs in Arizona have taken decisive action. The thirteen sheriffs ejected Sheriff Chris Nanos (Pima County) and Sheriff David Hathaway (Santa Cruz County) out of the Arizona Sheriff’s Association for suspicion of possible immoral, ethical or illegal activity in openly supporting “sanctuary” and open borders in their counties, in violation of our immigration laws.

    Pima and Santa Cruz counties in Arizona are border counties. These counties essentially operate like wide open flood gates to the US. Through these flood gates come millions of illegals, Fentanyl and other drugs, sex-trafficking, drug cartel activity and illegal weapons to name some of the more frightening and dangerous activities. But in spite of the evidence to the contrary staring them in the face, Sheriff Nanos and Sheriff Hathaway have stated repeatedly on the record, “There’s no issue. There’s no problem, these are refugee seekers.” These Sheriffs’ lack of action to enforce our laws and honor their Oaths to the US Constitution is now being felt far and wide across America as Arizona’s flood of illegals –predominantly military age males—are being flown and bussed by DHS all over the United States.

    Recently, in Maine, 270 properties were identified as being run by Asian Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs). There are approximately 749 properties across the US run by TCOs.  In Maine the properties are being used for illegal Chinese marijuana farms. Who is manning these illegal operations? Is it the miltary aged male illegals crossing the border in Arizona?

    Locals in Maine are alarmed by the invasion of their state and starting to stand firm against it. Finally, around the nation people are waking up to the dangers of a lawless federal government and our open borders allowing an invasion of military aged males and criminals from other countries’ prisons.

    Article published with permission from Truth For Health Foundation.

    Authors: Major Mike Gary, Military Chemical/Biological/Radiological/ Nuclear weapon expert and retired Master Sergeant Jack Dona, an Intelligence Electronic Warfare Aviation Systems Repairman about the Arizona border. They draw a possible connection to the illegal pot grows in Maine and how the entire country is now feeling the burden and rising crime from our open border issue. These two veterans collectively share 48 years of total service in the US Military. They both deeply love America and want to see it return to the rule of law and our heritage of greatness.

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