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    Weather Warfare: Geoengineering Covert Objectives

    March 23, 2024
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    Image by ErikvanWees. Weather Warfare with Geoengineering

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    Listen right here to guest expert on geoengineering the weather, Dane Wiginton, lead researcher for www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org.

    What are the tracks across our skies and what do they contain? Why are we seeing “flash freezes,” massive hail storms, sidewise bursts of high winds, heavy dark cloud cover in formerly sunny areas of the country?  Why the sudden increase in massive, out of control wildfires that even veteran firefighters say are burning out of control in ways they have never seen before?  What’s happening to wildlife populations around the world? Why are honeybee dying of dementia like symptoms we see in humans? What’s happening to cause die offs of insect populations and plankton in the oceans? 

    The answers to all these questions and more are discussed in today’s Whistleblower Report with guest expert on geoengineering, Dane Wiginton, lead researcher for www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org and producer of The Dimming: Exposing the Global Climate Engineering Cover-up.

    This global conspiracy and weaponization of the weather has been in motion since World War II, carried out by the US Government and US Military as well as governments around the world.  What we are seeing today is the catastrophic cumulative damage of systematic weather manipulation, done in secret and dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by those seeking to keep the true agenda hidden from the public.  Those meterologists and other experts who know the damage being done are under gag orders from the Federal government to remain silent.

    There is NO benevolent use for this “weather warfare.”  We are not dealing with sane minds in charge of these covert operations. We are literally witnessing the decimation of our planet in more ways than we can imagine.  Those in control of these operations know the severity of the damage, and are working feverishly to mask the same with actions that are creating even more damage.  We urgently need a massive awakening of the public to help stop this assault on our planet before the damage is irrevocable.


    The Dimming.  A critically important documentary – and one you must watch – your life depends on understanding this threat to our survival.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf78rEAJvhY

    Wildfires Serve Geoengineering Agenda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nmL0aTXXoM&list=PL64iqlICP8tQ4bqzPPgHxl9Yepdz12YtW&index=1&t=118s

    Winter Weather: The Chemical Ice-Nucleation Factor  https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineered-winter-weather-the-chemical-ice-nucleation-factor/

    Published with permission from Dr. Elizabeth Vliet at TruthForHealth.org.

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