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    What’s Ailing US?

    November 20, 2023
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    Public Domain. Accountability in America Where is the Real Justice?

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    Our nation and the world are in recovery as both emerge slowly from a denial state. Realization that governments colluded to force investigational unapproved medical products for COVID-19 on our citizens over the past three years is a positive development. The whole point of the security and social contract is to make citizens feel safe under the protections of governments that they trust. Though initially well intentioned by many, these contracts were violated in execution of oppressive COVID-19 mandates. It will take time for citizens to trust their government once again, particularly on matters of public health.

    The symptoms of our nation’s ailments included a phenomenon where manipulative and deceptive narratives replaced the truth. This psychological dysfunction was rationalized through situational ethics. The perpetrators believed the situation justified their deceit about COVID origins, as well as the safety, efficacy, and legality of the shots. Many doctors failed to defend the very citizens they swore to protect from these questionable medical products. Citizens were hesitant to submit to the experimental countermeasures that were forced by the government, pushed by the media, promoted by big tech, and facilitated by businesses. Inoculation hesitancy was blamed on those who correctly and rightfully questioned the investigational unapproved medical products that could not be legally mandated.

    Collectively, we owe the brave public figures and too few doctors who rang the bell on the bad behaviors of their societal and government officials. Examples of such leadership include Russell Brand, Elon Musk, Aaron Rodgers, Dr Harvey Risch, Novak Djokovic, Joe Rogan, Dr Pete Chambers, Sen Rand Paul, Dr. Theresa Long, Cole Beasley, Evangeline Lilly, Brook Jackson, Kyrie Irving, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Elizabeth Vliet, Jenny McCarthy, Dr Joseph Ladapo, Megyn Kelly, Rob Schneider, Dr Meryl Nass, Rep Thomas Massie, Dr Ryan Cole, Sen Ron Johnson, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. These are just a few of the heroic Americans who are emblematic of the multitudes who deserve credit. I am proud of these intrepid Americans and confident history will record them favorably for being courageous and correct.

    For some, it was simply a commonsense call, whereas for others it was based on experience or expertise. For me, it was based on 32-years in the military and being professionally disappointed 25-years ago—no, trust-totally-dashed—when I discovered our military and government officials lied to me and my fellow servicemembers about the investigational anthrax vaccine. They said anthrax vaccine was safe, effective, and FDA-approved, accusing us of “misinformation.” Sound familiar? In fact, the vaccine was not properly licensed by the FDA. Federal courts had to intervene to stop American troops from being illegally treated like guineapigs. That era’s misinformation came from the US government and military.

    25-years ago, ours was a luckier time compared to what all the heroes listed above encountered over the past three years. Then, the media actually researched and reported on the disturbing findings we discovered. The General Accounting Office actually investigated and published results on their inquiries that confirmed our findings. Congress, too, actually published reports that affirmed the original basis of our whistleblowing. And the courts actually ruled against the illegal conduct and halted the willful illegal experimentation on our troops. The system actually worked, except the accountability part.

    The conspiracy theories we were falsely accused of 20 years ago turned out to be straight up conspiracies. We were right, but nobody was held to account. With anthrax vaccine they said it was safe, but the plant was shut down by the FDA due to quality control problems. They said it was effective, yet admitted it was not adequate to protect our troops years earlier in efforts to procure a new vaccine. They said it was approved, yet they never finalized the license, and the Congress discovered pending applications filed with the FDA in order to obtain proper approval. They said it was a legal order, but the courts did not agree. The DoD didn’t even successfully appeal because the wrongdoing was so egregious.

    Now let’s fast-forward to the COVID mandate fiascos. They said it was safe, but most everyone knows someone that was harmed by the shots. People don’t even need studies—they were the study. But there are many studies available—you just have to dig because the government, in collusion with big tech and most media outlets, are doing their darndest to censor and suppress the truth. They said it was effective, yet COVID inoculations apparently resulted in negative efficacy and harmed people’s immune systems. Regardless, everyone knows they didn’t work because those who were inoculated still got sick. They said it was FDA-approved, but the government never provided anything but Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) investigational unapproved doses throughout the entirety of the public health emergency. The only plausible motive was to provide liability shields for big pharma and to put all the risk on our citizens.

    What was labeled as conspiracy theories over the last 3 years have all literally turned out to be straight up conspiracy, just like with anthrax vaccine. Those who misdiagnosed the source of hesitancy were themselves responsible for the lack of trust. And once again, like with the anthrax vaccine disaster, to date, nobody has been held accountable, and nobody wants to talk about it. If we don’t, it’ll happen again, just as it did before, and the tarnished reputation and loss of trust in public health will not recover.

    What’s ailing America today is the exact same fundamental illness that plagued the Founding Fathers when they revolted against their occupying tyrants. One of the Founders, Thomas Paine, wrote the Common Sense pamphlet, which paved the way for the Declaration of Independence. Paine saliently called for self-determination on our continent and objected to unrepresentative taxation by an island-based empire. Paine followed the pamphlet with a series of sixteen papers titled The American Crisis. The first of these papers opened with the distressing words, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

    The absurdity, the “common sense,” and the trying times apply to everything we endured 25-years ago in fighting against the illegal anthrax vaccine program. They apply equally, or perhaps more so based on scope, to the dilemma all Americans faced with COVID-19 mandates. The American Crisis included Paine’s prophetic words about how “A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men.” In time, most Americans will realize they were manipulated by the bad and good will inevitably prevail.

    In the meantime, the prescription to fix what’s ailing America is simple—we must elect good people who will deconstruct the bad means and hold the otherwise good people to account for their bad causes. The ultimate bad cause, the Wuhan lab leak, and the bad people that likely caused it, who then lied about the origins of the pandemic, should be the first ailment fixed. Eradicating a virus is the best means to stop a disease. No more denial—it’s not healthy—the sooner the bad people digest a dose of Paine, and are held to account for their anthrax and COVID abuses, the sooner the nation can heal and find justice.

    By: Col Thomas L. Rempfer, USAF, retired; @Rempfer_Thomas on X; https://hoping4justice.org/covid

    Colorado Free Press essays available at: https://coloradofreepress.com/category/news/health-freedom/

    Disclaimer: Opinions expressed do not imply endorsement by the DoD or US government at this time

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