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    When Justice is No Longer Blind: One Party's Obsession and the Future of America

    June 3, 2024
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    By Christie Hutcherson

    Editor's Note: This post was originally published by the author on her LinkedIn here. It is republished with permission.

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    The Injustice of Convicting a President

    Today, we gather not just to voice our concerns but to mourn the grievous wound inflicted upon our democracy. The conviction of a President has cast a dark shadow over our nation's cherished ideals, and in this moment, we must confront the harsh reality: our democracy is dying.

    The very foundation of our justice system has been compromised. Justice Merchan's instructions to the jurors highlight this decay with stark clarity. He informed them that they didn't need to agree on the specific crime committed. What began as a potential misdemeanor was twisted into a felony by partisan hostility. Despite the ambiguous nature of the alleged crime, Justice Merchan declared it sufficient for jurors to agree on guilt, regardless of their differing beliefs about the crime itself. Four jurors might think it was one thing, four another, and four something else entirely. As long as they all concurred that Trump was guilty, that was deemed enough for the government.

    This is bigger than Trump; this sets a most dangerous precedent. No one under this government or legal system is safe. Are we to allow this tsunami of corruption by radicals who no longer believe in our sacred institutions to prevail? Or will the people, given the authority by our founding fathers, win the day? It is only by our strength and God's guiding hand that we will overtake such a corrosive house once more.

    We, the people of the United States, must put aside the hate of one man to preserve the freedoms of this generation and those to come. Do not be blinded by the propaganda and poison of the leftist Marxist ideology. Realize that their plans do not include a world free for you and me, but envision control, greed, and power where you will be its subjects.

    History teaches us that civilizations can fall as surely from within as from external threats. The ruins of ancient Egypt and Rome are physical reminders, but the collapse of a society’s core values and institutions is no less devastating. Rome did not fall in a day; it crumbled slowly, its greatness eroded by a gradual decay of its principles. And now, the United States faces a similar fate.

    The United States was founded on the ideal of equality before the law, a principle now hauntingly outdated. Who among us still believes in it? As we wander through the figurative ruins of our once-great civilization, we recall David Hume's insight that freedom is seldom lost all at once. Our gradual descent into injustice and democratic decay proves this all too well.

    Yet, we must remember that America is truly made of her people, and it is in our collective strength that we find hope. The very foundations of democracy, freedom, and liberty will resound across this nation only if brave men and women stand against all odds. Regardless of party lines, ideologies, or the color of our skin—this is our moment to reclaim justice, the American way. The echoes of liberty will ring true once more only if we, the people, refuse to surrender.

    This is a clarion call: America cannot be defeated without her people giving up. In the face of a corrupt justice system and political witch hunts, we have a duty to stand firm. We must restore our principles and ensure that our democracy does not crumble into the dust of history like fallen empires before us.

    But we must do this together. We must put down our guards against one another to save our country. Unity is our strongest weapon. Only in our unity and collective courage do we hold the power to revive the spirit of America. The time is now to seize our destiny and safeguard the future of our nation.

    We must stand, we must fight, and we must prevail. To reclaim our democracy, we must flush out the corrupt deep state, the activist judges, and the prosecutors who have betrayed their oaths. We must purge the institutions of those who seek to undermine our principles and replace them with those who uphold justice and integrity. Let us march forward, united and resolute, to restore justice and liberty for all. Only then will the beacon of liberty shine brightly once more, illuminating the path to a just and enduring democracy.

    Christie Hutcherson is the Founder, President, and Spokesperson for Women Fighting for America LLC. (WFFA).

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