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    Young Girl Lured Into Gender Confusion Through Art

    November 21, 2023
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    CFP Staff Photo. Art Club.

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    On Friday evening, the movie entitled “Art Club” was premiered in Windsor, Colorado. It tells the story of one family’s journey into the foray of the transgender cult against their will. Jon and Erin Lee’s sixth grade daughter came home after attending an after-school art club meeting proclaiming in her child-like wonderment that she identifies with what the transgender flag represents. Untold grief racked these young parents as their hearts grappled ultimately with the question, “what is truth?” 

    The “art club” their daughter was invited to attend was actually a Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club. The children at the club meeting were told not to tell their parents the truth about the club because parents are unsafe. They went so far as to tell the children how to contact them secretly without their parents’ knowledge. Thankfully, the Lee’s young daughter did not listen to their pleas to keep everything a secret and instead sought her parents out. 

    After the showing of the film, Jon and Erin, along with Alex Newman, author and presenter, and former State Senator Kevin Lundberg, director of the film, answered questions from Jeff Hunt, Director of the Centennial Institute.

    CFP Staff Photo. Art Club Movie Panel.

    During the panel discussion, the Lee’s revealed that an individual (Silen Wellington) who identifies as a witch, genderqueer shapeshifter was supposed to be a presenter that day at the GSA club. Silen also trains school staff for the Poudre School District on topics such as “The ABC’s of LGBTQ+” and “How To Be A Trusted Adult” produced by the Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County. This person was the one their daughter was told to contact for support transitioning to a boy. Astoundingly, the school district has doubled down on their efforts to support gender transitioning programming and encourages teachers to keep secrets from parents.

    Those in attendance for the screening of the film applauded the courage of these parents in exposing how their little girl was manipulated by those they trusted. Hearts were moved as they watched them tell the story of how their family was sent into a deep hellish nightmare because of a dark agenda permeating our public schools. The audience was left with hope for the next generation as Jon spoke of the bravery of his daughter as she continues to stand with them against the falsehoods of this insidious agenda.

    To learn more about the Lee’s journey, watch and share this free film at https://www.artclubmovie.com/.

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