• 06/25/2024

    Colorado Third in US News “Most Dangerous States in America”

    May 22, 2024
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    Earlier this month, US News & World Report released their The 10 Most Dangerous States in America ranking, and Colorado is number three on the list. 

    Denver leads the nation in many crime metrics, so it’s reasonable to assume the capital city is dragging down the rest of the Centennial State. As we reported earlier this week, Denver is safer than 1% of the nation or, if your glass is half empty, less safe than 99%.

    YouTube Screen Grab, Denver 7

    “These are the 10 most dangerous states in the U.S., according to the Best States analysis. For its part, the FBI notes that numerous factors can affect the amount and type of crime in different areas, including population density, economic conditions, climate and family cohesiveness,” the report says. 

    FBI caveats aside, Colorado has an undeniable crime problem. Keep that in mind as you consider that, according to the Coloradoan, Police in Fort Collins are using AI to draft reports.  

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    No, Denver only believes it is Colorado. Or perhaps it hopes that the rest of the USA believes it speaks for all Colorado.

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