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    Crime News Roundup 

    May 31, 2024
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    Colorado is a hotbed of criminal activity, according to the data, and safety-related news dominates the headlines of most local outlets. Let’s check in on some of the more newsworthy criminal stories across the front range. 

    • FOX31 is reporting a 21% decrease in stolen cars statewide, while also reporting that Douglas County is one of the only counties actively investigating and prosecuting vehicle theft. Read it here
    • CBS News is reported about vandalism on the DU campus, and how vandals created a diversion for police before committing the crime. The reporting is that red paint was accompanied by “some words.” The words are clearly, “F*** Lockheed Martin.” It’s unclear why CBS would ignore that part of the story. Read it here
    • Out of the Gazette, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a trial court ruling in a 2021 Fourth Amendment case, with the court finding that Police unconstitutionally seized a citizen’s home: “Elmore's family was denied access to their house without a warrant…longer than reasonably necessary to diligently obtain a search warrant.” Read it here
    • The Gazette is also reporting that juveniles stole firearms from a Colorado Springs Sporting Goods Store earlier this month. Read it here  
    • 9NEWS covered a new murder on Thursday, reporting that, “A suspect was arrested after a woman was killed in a domestic violence-related shooting early Thursday morning, the Sheridan Police Department said. The woman was found dead in the 3400 block of West Dill Road. Read it here
    • Also this week, 9NEWS is reporting that Nurendy Ropon, 22, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to murder in the Second-Degree. He allegedly fatally stabbed a 33-year-old victim on July 13, 2023 in Aurora. Read it here
    Fox31 KDVR

    As we reported last week, Colorado has a crime problem, and Denver is one of the least safe cities in the nation. 

    Why are we defunding the police?

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