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    Judge Holds Parents Have No Control Once Their Children Enter Public School

    December 24, 2023
    CFP Staff Photo. Art Club

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    Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.

    Alexis de Tocqueville

    We, as a people, have clearly lost our moral grounding. We have relegated the threads of our foundational fabric to the confines of the four walls of our homes. The God-given rights given to parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children and our rights of conscience have been frayed to the breaking point through a rogue judicial system.

    US District Court Judge Wang held in her dismissal of the Lee et al v Poudre School District R-1 et al case, “parents have no constitutional right to exercise control over a school’s curriculum or extracurricular activities or to demand information about the same.” Bolstering her opinion, the judge further cited a recent opinion out of the US District of Ohio saying, “a parent has a right to control where their child goes to school. But that is where their control ends.” This should send a chill up every parent’s spine.

    The case against the Poudre School District stems from an incident where the Lees’ and Jurichs’ daughters were lured into a Gender Sexualities Alliance club meeting under the rouse that it was an art club. After attending only one meeting, where the girls were encouraged to transition to the opposite sex and told not to tell their parents, their daughters became depressed and suicidal. The Lees have produced a free movie telling their story, hoping others will not have to endure the nightmare they went through. (See our original story on the Art Club Movie.)

    The plaintiffs plan to continue the fight. We received this statement from the Lees’ and Jurichs’ attorney, Brad Bergford of Illumine Legal LLC: “The Lees and the Jurichs are disappointed in, and disagree with, the dismissal. Our top-notch legal team put together an excellent complaint, and we are planning our next steps. The legal battle is far from over.” And he continues, “Parents must be able to direct the care, upbringing, and education of their children. See Troxel v Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000). To do that, they must have access to information necessary to make informed decisions. Otherwise, their substantive due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment are illusory. Also, all children are created equal. Our system of laws must protect them equally.”

    Not only did the judge diminish the veracity of a parent’s fundamental rights, but she also affirmed the school district’s claim, “that it was parental non-acceptance and enforcement of their own traditional gender beliefs that caused C.L. and H.J.’s {the children’s} emotional decline.” Though the crux of the legal argument lies in the Fourteenth Amendment’s substantive due process and equal protection guarantees, we must not ignore the First Amendment protections of our rights of conscience which ultimately inform the morality of our culture. Today, our rights of conscience are being seen through the eyes of the left as barriers to enlightenment and liberty – the very opposite of what our founders believed.

    In a footnote of the opinion, Judge Wang quotes a case out of the same court from 2021 where her fellow judge stated, “There is no constitutional right for public school parents or families to get advance notice of and the right to opt-out of religiously offensive material.” The morality being taught in the public schools is seeped in the religion of secular humanism. God is anathema to it and its goals. With judges like these interpreting our Constitution, the Lees’ refrain in their movie – “Get them out and Get Loud” – should take on more urgency and weight with parents across the nation.

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    Cort Wrotnowski

    It is such arong headed decision. First the two rulings forget who is footing the bill for all that curriculum. Second, the thinking of these judges is based on superficial concepts of control. -- I can see that their thinking derives from the Creature of the State doctrine - something which also needs re-examinations, like their heads.


    Where do we all these stupid activist Jerk judges?

    David Pinder



    US District Court Judge Wang held in her dismissal of the Lee et al v Poudre School District R-1 et al case, “parents have no constitutional right to exercise control over a school’s curriculum or extracurricular activities or to demand information about the same.”
    After that statement, I saw no reason, or desire to read further.
    Just how have the Rights of the Citizen been degraded to get to this point?
    What the Hell has happened to "We The People"?
    More importantly, how do we respond?
    If we take this to the Halls of our Government, will we be the new J6 insurrectionists?
    In History traps have been set by Governments which do so to instigate, and then surpress
    their opposition.
    This is happening today,so.......Wake Up!


    Teachers are schoolmarms and act always as if they know better. No surprise here.
    All of these jerks are certain that we are all on a progressive train together, and they must ride roughshod over recalcitrants for their own good. They are not Americans.


    Colorado, has become the Anti-America!


    So why is a permission slip, signed by the parent, to participate in school outings, health class, inter/intramurals, and sports?

    Enword G Robbingsome

    Get your kids OUT of government schools.


    A Chinese judge imagine that.

    Barry White

    The Viet CHICOM Judge is an ignorant bee atch.


    Evil minds wearing judicial robes (costumes).

    Raymond Weil

    Judge Nina Nin-Yuen Wang. A Biden appointed judge. Confirmed in the dim-dominated senate.


    Must be a women lib, single with out having children… anyone to make such a decision must be outed off the bench. Don’t we have our share of wacky judges in this state? Soros money folks!

    Ben Colder

    Get your kids out of the gov schools now right now they will be much better off . Colorado has become a communist state and it happened pretty damned fast now any one that is not part of the communist party has no rights whatso ever their vote does not count.They have this state by the balls.


    Parents a left with only two choices. One is home school and the other is a Christian school. The last is probably out of reach for many parents unless there is school choice in the state they live in. There may be another choice if like minded parents get together and share teaching duties plus do online as well. Just another example, and there are many many more, of how the communist left are destroying families and this country. May God safe us.

    Robert Travis

    There need to be serious consequences for this "judge's" evil ruling


    All public schools should be privatized, but this ruling is clearly a call for home schooling.


    The stench from her bench makes every parent quench!
    De-robe this idiot ASAP

    J H

    Extremely embarrassing that this is our local school district. We have close friends that experienced this garbage with their daughter. That school, and their "psychologist" completely screwed this girl up beyond repair.

    Concerned Parent Colorado

    We've been following this case for years. Forcing someone to accept a specific ideology is not the same thing as tolerance. Coercion is not consent. School is supposed to be for academics, arts, math and science.

    There is an interesting case right now in Denver where a parent challenged the school, that if a rainbow pride flag is allowed to be shown, so should a straight pride flag be allowed to be shown beside it. One imagines this prescient could also apply to school clubs and extra curricular activities to counter GSA's and the likes. Hopefully renewing a general prohibition on allowing either side to even have clubs like this in the first place.

    We must take control of public schools back, to something moderate and less progressive, something actually tolerant to everyone without pushing ideologies so contentious on the political and social spectrum. Where did the middle go? All matters of sexuality should remain a taboo subject for the public schools, it's that simple. This is not rocket science. Everyone needs to grow up and stop being so narcissistic and stop talking about sex and sexual preferences in schools. This is highly inappropriate, unprofessional, and unethical behavior.

    All too many of the charter schools which parents are fleeing are merely a cash grab, money goes to bloated administrations and out of state endowments, there is insufficient resources left for students, antiquated educational models. Some are even more polarized than public schools, just on the other side of the extreme ideological spectrum, so charters are not the answer either. We will not be wasting countless hours of our lives waiting in pointless car lines because they refuse to budget for bus services and refuse to trust young adults to walk across a parking lot unsupervised. Charters are in many ways even worse than public schools lately, missing the mark of what well balanced education is all about.

    How about the Colorado teachers union, the Colorado state educational boards, and all these radical activists whom have mistaken public schools for their own personally bully pulpit, quit behaving like tyrants and stop pushing all the parents and students around? They know these topic matters in schools is incredibly controversial. Don't ask don't tell was so far superior to this. Nobody cares if people are pro this or pro that, live your lives as you see fit, this is America. But when they walk in and represent themselves in the government or public education, we expect more professionalism than this. Recent state wide Colorado educational surveys revealed half of all students, and more than half of all parents, believe Colorado education is on the wrong track. Precipitously falling enrollment, jumping homeschool figures, and this proliferation of inadequate charter schools prove it. As they say; there is no greater objection than absence, and if you have to use the force of government to get your way, the idea is destined to fail in the end. Puedes escucharme ahora?

    What the administrative state fails to comprehend, is there is no force, especially not the force of government or educational institutions, which will change peoples deeply held beliefs on these matters. Because peoples ideological positions are their own personal views which they have the constitutional right to hold and express, these ideals not to be dictated by the state. The levels of discrimination against parents and students whom do not share certain ideological and political views is at unprecedented levels in Colorado. Can we please meet again in the middle? Taxation without representation is the new new normal round here lately.

    Thank you for reading.

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