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    The Reason Colorado Is Dying Is Because You Are A Coward And On The Golf Course

    July 14, 2023

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    My USAFA classmate Jim Zietlow agreed to launch and run the Colorado Free Press some months back during an event in Colorado Springs we held on saving our children, specifically in the U.S. military.

    Neither of us thought we would have trouble finding writers.

    But we are.

    Our republic is dying.

    We noticed during our March event that Colorado was especially in trouble.

    You know your elections are rigged, they know you know your elections are rigged, but many don't care.

    They are in your face with corruption, evil, even murder of witnesses in Colorado.

    Many don't care.

    "What can I do?", people ask. "I'm 65," some say. "I'm too old to do anything."

    Meanwhile, they are planning on cutting off your grandchild's genitals.

    And you don't care.

    How do you look them in the eye?

    "I can't write, I don't want my name on anything," they tell Jim when he asks for contributors.

    "I'm going on vacation in June," they say.

    "I'm retired."

    What garbage.

    Do you not realize they will come for you eventually? Don't you realize your 'retirement' will be gone?

    Bolsheviks always kill the comfortable.

    How many of you have any courage? You so-called veterans, you so-called gun owners, second amendment supporters, can't even write an article on a regular basis?

    Don't you have any honor?

    "I love America, but not if I have to be inconvenienced," many say.

    Many of you are still shopping at Walmart (who is working with China, who wants to kill us), still shopping at Amazon, still on Facebook, still not going to church, or still allowing your pastor to not preach actual Christianity (cultural Marxism is fine), and you still have Fox News on all night don't you (that was involved in the 2020 coup)?

    Colorado desperately needs free media. CDM has been VERY effective in other states, with only a smidgeon of media accountability. The matrix really doesn't like it, and they end up doing dumb things to cover their tracks.

    No wonder Colorado is dying.

    Just don't call yourself a patriot if you won't write for Jim.

    But I bet your golf game is getting better.

    P.S. - If you want to contact Jim to help with the paper, email him here: [email protected]

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.
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    Pa banex

    Very good points. This is why I love to share what the founding fathers faced and received. We must all take action even if it's just a phone call to encourage and support.


    So many chicken shits worried about the state of affairs in our country, but not concerned enough to do something about it. Everyone is waiting for someone else to say the word...but no one has and I don't know that anyone ever will. I do know that many are preparing for something...what that is, who knows. But after seeing the NICS background checks, month in, month out hitting over a million gun sales, something is definitely up. Ammo sales are still brisk, with ammo prices not giving up any ground.

    Colorado is a great State...being run into the ground like every other blue state. Funny thing is...CO was never really a blue state...just the politics of a few and the money to corrupt the system is what changed it. I live in PA...seeing the same shit here.

    What up CO...if you think things are bad now, wait until the crazies take over everything...including you.


    Those words fall on deaf ears. I am constantly hounding supposed patriots and conservatives about their support for every left wing garbage social media site on the internet.
    People are too vain and self centered, they thrive on gossip. Our population is a mass of uneducated, vain, petty, and shallow people. They spout conservativism, but support fascistbook and the rest. They talk out of both sides of their face.
    I get attacked by conservatives for telling them they are supporting nazism. They worship Zuckerberg, and these are the nuts that are trying to save America??

    a a ron

    Ohg but, walmart is convenient, I can talk shit all day but I still shop there. do you know how long it is to drive the extra 6 miles to the other place at 5 pm????

    yah, I get it. our country is soft and weak. trial by fire is all that is left to try to save it.


    People get the Government they deserve.

    a a ron

    Your words fall on deaf ears. The kids are lazy sh1ts. They have been given everything they ever wanted without having to work or make ANY sacrifice to get it. 6 months down the road, it's OLD, I want a NEW one!! and mummy and daddah run right out and get them the newest I phone etc etc.

    Nope, you are not going to fix this problem with your snarky little words and sorry attempt at a guilt trip. They won't even read this nor do they care.

    The ONLY thing that might fix this problem is PAIN and SUFFERING. They are going to need to live in Venezuela conditions for a decade or two to finally figure out what they lost. no I take that back, what they THREW AWAY !!

    unfortunately for you, you will be sucked up into that F-6 tornado when it sweeps across the nation. Be ready to survive, even if it means sacrificing most around you.

    Glenn Valentino

    "Those who are willing to sacrifice their freedom for security will have neither"

    Benjamin Franklin

    Glenn Valentino

    You hit the bullseye on this one!, over the past several months I've joined and pledged to support several conservative organizations including TPUSA, 2AA, pragerU, moms for liberty, Hillsdale and American Independence.
    I get little reaction from my conservative family members and the more liberal family members are brainwashed into the climate change religion, I work on them constantly forwarding articles like this trying to get them to support something.

    We are approaching the "Strong men create good times", "Weak men create bad times" moment.
    Unfortunately half the people in this country are to comfortable and live under the illusion that the next 80 years will be just like the last, post WW II.
    Freedom isn't Free, thank you to the greatest generation for the last 80 years but now a bill is due for the next 80 years.
    Our current leaders running this government have lost there mind.
    Billions of tax payer dollars sent to Urkraine while our borders are flooded with illegals, Chinese and Afghan migrants, mostly men of military fighting age arriving at our border and bused around our country, no doubt with the consent of their tyrannical governments and our currency is devalued by the day.

    America withstood a civil war and survived, there are still many strong people who believe in "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

    Was it only 40% of the population of the colonies that were for independence, the other 40% supported the crown and the rest agnostic.

    Every generation has a challenge, accept it. This country has given so much to so many and I am not willing to let a weak government and politicians looking to enrich themselves control my freedom or the freedom of my grandchildren.

    Glenn Valentino
    Atlanta, Ga

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